Unusual things to do in Melbourne

Looking for Unusual Things to do in Melbourne?

Melbourne is a city of cultural wonder. It is viewed as one of the world’s great cities for entertainment and boundless amazement; a city where you can truly find any kind of wonder you seek to grasp.

One of the great things about the treasure chest that is Melbourne is the host of bizarre things to do in the city. What is one of the most amazing unusual things to do in Melbourne? An Impossible Occurrence’s magic show, of course.

The Impossible Occurrence magic show is one of Melbourne’s best-kept secrets, an astonishing display of deception to rival any of the world’s great magic shows. This is entertainment on a grand scale: a wondrous display of illusion, mind reading and magic that will take you on a journey into the unknown.

Held at the stunning 5 star Marriott Hotel, Impossible Occurrences evokes images of forgotten splendour, of extreme elegance, decadence and sophistication not seen in today’s society. What better way to be impressed than by joining the bemused crowd at Impossible Occurrences?

Book now to discover why this is one of the most fabulously unusual things to do in Melbourne – a true joy for the senses, something never to be missed whether as a resident or visitor to this fine city of art.

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Magician Luke Hocking

There are not too many magicians in Melbourne, or Australia, in fact, with the skill and repertoire of Luke Hocking. A master in the art of deception, his skills have taken him as far as the Grand Final of Australia’s Got Talent, and have seen him receive praise from lovers of the magic persuasion throughout the world.

Allow Hocking to take you on a cultural journey that defies logic and breaks down cultural barriers, language barriers, barriers to the notion of reason.

Dinner and A Show

The best way to amplify the wonder that is the Impossible Occurrence magic show? By booking our package dinner and a show deal. You will be served a delectable meal with wine at the outstanding 5 star Essence on Exhibition. All dinner and show attendees will then go on to receive priority seating for the grand event.

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This is one of the most astounding and unusual things you can do in Melbourne, a true event to inspire and amaze you in this city of wonder, arts, culture, fine dining and entertainment. We welcome you to make bookings for dinner and a show – the perfect combination for a night out in this most astonishing of cities.

Book now for dinner at the lavish Essence on Exhibition, to be followed by the show from Hocking.

If you have already made grand dinner plans before the big event, no trouble, we welcome all to enjoy the show by itself. Click here to make a booking for the grand event.

Be ready to be amazed, astounded, taken to a place you may never experience again – the wonders of Impossible Occurrences.